Top 10 Most Annoying Things on the Internet

No doubt most of you have "gone mad" at a certain point whilst using the internet, here's a number of things I really found most annoying.

10. Connection drops in the middle of a chat\video call 
9. Blinking windows-message-box-like ads that urge you to "claim your 3423566 prize"
8. Porn sites that pop up while you're doing other stuff
7. Scrolling a long page or blog
6. Blogs overloaded with very large images
5. Crappy, unwanted, contaminating newsletters which you never singed up for
4. Activation links sent through email
3. Off-subject & highly-irrelevant comments on forums and websites
2. Long, complex and confusing Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
1. Hidden-fees on different online purchases

    Gathering Up Myself

    I am currently preparing myself to start publishing different articles and reviews in my blog. The thing is I haven’t been quite myself lately.. I will put all my efforts in this blog so as to provide readers with a reliable source of reviews, articles, and established, professional opinions about the latest tech. stuff

    See you soon

    Funny and Bizarre Flash Drives - Use Your Imagination!

    You have no idea how bizarre and funny flash drives can be. Perhaps, the regular candy-bar-like flash drive isn't fashionable anymore! If the next time you notice something odd sticking out of someone's laptop, don't be much surprised!

    That way, donuts are certainly more delicious than ever!

    Lenovo N500: Powerful, Slim, and VERY Budget-Friendly

    A friend of mine has recently bought a nice LENOVO N500 laptop. It’s a new Lenovo model that has a full set of features with probably the lowest price on market comparing to other laptops of the same range.
    The new Lenovo N500 boasts a 2.0GHZ Dual-Core Pentium processor, 2GB of RAM, 230GB of Hard Drive, integrated wi-fi and Bluetooth, 4 USB slots, a modem, and 1.3M Pixel Camera- plus, wire-fire port. All this for as low as 400$!
    Well I bet you had twice that number in mind considering the specs mentioned above.
    I tried this laptop myself for about 5 hours, and to my surprise I was able to surf the internet, play Need For Speed Most Wanted AND run 3 other office applications in the background.

    Interested? let me give you a closer look..

    With its 15.4-inch widescreen, the new Lenovo is quite handy for different daily-life activities from using simple office applications and surfing the internet, to playing good-quality 3d games like NFS Most Wanted and PES 2008.
    The laptop has an unnoticeable and very small amount of noise, except when performing heavy tasks which require the left-side fan to burst at full speed, but yet, the sound is quite normal and not loud. Apart from this, the keyboard is very handy and easy to get accustomed to. Keys are big and clear-cut, although some functions can be a bit hard-to-reach at first.
    Lenovo company added a nice touch with a set of touch-sensitive function keys located in the upper right corner while underneath lies a CD-DVD RW driver, 2 USB ports and a modem slot.
    Connectivity is not an issue for N500 with its integrated Bluetooth and wi-fi in addition to an Ethernet port.

    The only thing however that drew my attention was the relatively heavy weight comparing to other laptops with the same features. But this is surely one little thing you’d have to sacrifice in return for such an awesome price– don’t you agree?
    well.. to sum-up things, here’s the pros & cons:
    low price
    fully-featured, capable laptop.
    nice, thin, solid.
    good design.
    12-cell battery.
    a bit heavy.